Dear World Changer,

There’s so much untapped potential inside of you that no matter how much you’ve achieved, there’s always so much more to do.

I’d like to give you 3 important steps to achieve greatness in your life – no matter what industry you’re in. These 3 steps are guaranteed to bring you immediate results.

Step 1: Get a life team. 
A great way to do this is by attending a mastermind of high level thinkers. This should cost more than $500, and maybe even a thousand per meeting, if you’re going to get the best of the best. CEO’s and high level leaders don’t hang out at motivational conferences. I know, because in 15 years of working with CEO’s there’s not one, that’s right – not one, who does. When you’re young and growing? Sure. But that’s not the place to find your life team of experts who have built and led major companies.

Start with a mentor, and don’t confuse this human with a family member, friend or boss. A mentor isn’t a friend. He or she may become one – but don’t start with friends.

Focus on leaders.

Get a mentor in another industry, or in your own industry, but strive to select someone focused on leadership and life growth. Then, multiply it by ten to form your own life team. You may not call on your life team for months. But they’re experts, and they are a safety net when you need them. If you have a legal problem for instance and you call on an older and wiser leader, that person will likely have been through a battle or two.

Develop your life team today.

Please, don’t make the mistake of following the ones you think are famous.

Facebook isn’t the world. Get mentors with real businesses, measurable success, and observe them to see if they’re walking the talk. I’ve coached countless famous people who have asked me for financial assistance because although the world thinks of them as rich and famous, they’re struggling. Get a life team who can help you build in all areas. Don’t select someone with differing goals or values just because you think they’re rich or famous.

Step 2: Read a book a week.
Yes, this is possible. Many books are small now, and you can scan them at night before bed. It takes an hour to read a couple chapters on growth, communication, or leadership and I guarantee the results will be a huge investment in yourself. You are your greatest controllable asset. Invest in yourself.

I never had a mentor early on, so books became my mentor. I read books continually and learned everything I could. When I went to my first job interview after college, I remember repeating what I had read in the book. That author was my first mentor and helped me land a high paying job in management. It was the start of a beautiful corporate career. It prepared me well for the path of entrepreneurship.

Step 3: Invest in others.
I heard a young girl say recently, “I want to change the world but I don’t know how.” That was Jasmine, a 14 year old. Isn’t it true for us adults too?

Invest in others and go out of your way.

I have many late night calls with younger people who can never repay me for my time. I give away thousands of books a year, to mentor others, not only to the homeless or through our build a book library in children’s homes, but also random strangers who seem like they could use a positive word. Does this cost money? Sure it does. It costs money and time. But you cannot measure the results of your investment in another human being on earth.

If you don’t understand where to start, look around. Deliver dinner, visit an elderly care facility, volunteer at a homeless shelter or go to our website at OnFire Books and join one of our service projects.

And a bonus step: Eliminate.

Eliminate the noise.

It always surprises me to see thousands of people attending guru or self help conferences in Vegas when I go as a speaker. Don’t be a life long attendee. Learn, but why would you want to be one in a sea of thousands? Be one instead.

Be the one who breaks out of the herd and takes a divergent path.

Write your own book.

Create your own legacy.

Get up on that stage yourself and find people like me who are willing to equip you and help you grow. There are plenty of them. Remain passionate about investing in yourself and your ideas. This requires margin time.

Invest in time alone and create that margin time.

Finally, I promise if you execute these 4 things before the end of this year – your life will transform in ways you can’t imagine. Go get it! Today is a new day.

To your legacy,
Tammy Kling


*Proceeds from The Conversation Event benefit The Mobile Book Library for Homeless kids and families.

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