Open letter to my future husband

It’s interesting to think that right now in this moment we’re strangers and you’re sitting in a different house, in another part of the world thinking about all the things that keep you up till 2 am.

I don’t know anything about you, or your story. I don’t know what your laugh sounds like, or what it will feel like to hold your hand. I don’t know if you are a writer too, or if you’ll read books beside me outdoors, or if you’re running out of breath waiting for me to get it together.

But I do know, you exist.

Don’t give up on me.

It’s been a difficult yet enlightening path, and I’m sure you haven’t had an easy path either. I regret that we’ve not met sooner.

I haven’t been ready for you; I’m sorry for that. I haven’t let go of the wrong thing soon enough, and foolishly tried to turn a dead end road into you. At times, my hope in God’s plan was depleted to the size of an atom, and sometimes my heart had simply had enough.

I’ve learned that nothing will stand in the way of God’s plan. I thank Him for making it impossible for anything to work but you.

I’ve learned that distractions aren’t loud, but rather quiet little nothings that feed on time you’ll never get back.

I believe you are the love that will stun me. You’ll flip my heart on its axis and I’ll beg to be forgiven for ever doubting that you’d be there every day when I open my eyes.

I believe we’ll have that untouchable bond, and the deepest kind of love people wish they had.

I do not know if we will meet tomorrow or five months from now, but I am here, don’t give up on me.

I haven’t given up on you.


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