Dear Future World Changer,

As you read this you may be thinking one of two things: “I already know where I’m going.” or “I have no idea what I’m going to do.”

Either way you are correct. Either way you will always be right. Your mind is the most powerful thing in the universe and it can be your prison or your salvation.

The choice is yours and yours alone. I assure you, it will change many times throughout your life. Crave the change, own it. Make it yours.

It comes down to a few factors. What are the stories you tell yourself? What are the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis? What are your morals and values? Is the world against you or for you? Do things happen to you or because of you?

Ahead of you is the vastness of the free world. It’s a drastically changed world from the one I knew at your age. When I was your age, I had a baby girl to raise.

I had a world of opportunity in front of me, yet I couldn’t see past my nose and I had no one to help me figure it out. I just knew that a person was counting on me to survive; and so, I tried my best. I had no guidance but I was blessed with grit.

In this new world the opportunities are endless and massively scaleable. They also mirror the risks. Nothing is perfect and timing is never right. Act anyway.

The only difference between winning and losing in life is action. What you see in your mind is what will become and is your reality.

I’m sure you will find it funny someday that just a year or so ago, you were considered a child and could not be trusted to make wise decisions on your own. That’s the reality and the truth.

You weren’t allowed to know what was best for you yet. Because you probably didn’t. Yes, you wanted to decide for yourself but you didn’t have enough life data to do so.

Then one day, you walked across that stage and somehow everything changed. You somehow were now expected to know what you were doing.

You had to choose what was being sold to you for your entire life like it was the end of the world, when it was barely the beginning. You had to decide “your path”. On top of that, you likely just lost many friends. That’s a heavy burden to put on a young person in your position. So much at stake yet in reality so little. The pressure can be daunting.

So maybe your parents made that choice for you. Maybe it’s on you. Either way, they want what’s best for you and also what’s best for them. It’s their job. But your mindset is still impressionable beyond measure and the things that will influence and matter to you today will not be the same as those that will influence you just a few short years from now. So you must stay present and unapologetically truthful and self aware of who and where you are currently. Always trust your gut, be where your feet are, keep your eyes on your dreams, learn from your past and never compromise your morals.

The best advice I can give you is to build this thing called grit. It’s a mindset of persistence. It’s like your bulletproof vest. When the slugs of life hit you in the chest and you gasp for air thinking you’re going to die, grit is that kevlar that keeps you alive.

Without this, the bullets pierce your flesh and the repercussions are deadly to your future. Let this be known, understand this fully. This vest will not protect you from bruises, it will not stop the scars from forming, or your heart from breaking inside you, and there will be days when you just wish you were bare so that you could just give into the world around you and retreat. At times you will and that’s ok.

Put it back on. Armor up. Without this you will accept regret. Regret is much worse than scars. Regret wishes for the scars. Regret looks up at the stars and sees loss, it sees only what was potentially lost, and ignores all that was gained. Grit looks up at the stars and sees the unlimited potential. It sees those losses and heartbreaks as lessons and bumpers for your path. It takes pride in the pain and the tears it takes to get up when everything in life seems to be beating you down.

I wrote this letter to you this way on purpose. Not to scare you but to prepare you. To let you know that there is no loss you can’t recover from. To make you aware that in every failure there is wisdom to be gleaned. These words are as true as you standing in your shadow and if taken to heart will give you the armor necessary to not only endure, but to thrive in all that is ahead of you in life. You must build this now.

Life doesn’t slow down or stop and the winners circle is reserved for those willing to die for their dreams. So prepare now. For starters, you must surround yourself with others that wear this armor too. People ahead of you, people you can learn from. Nothing on this earth is as harmful as being around the wrong people with the wrong mindset. Their thoughts become yours, their patterns become yours, their failures and excuses and pain become yours. Take this and own it as the ultimate truth. Reach up and listen more than you speak. Then, you can reach down and pull others up.

Now with that being said, enjoy yourself. Meet new people, go places, try things. Do stuff, take risks, be unoffendable, relentless and fearless in your pursuit of your love, your truth, your happiness and purpose. You don’t need to know it all right now, nor should you. Trust me, it’ll change. Change with it. Own it, accept it for what it is, no better no worse. Just truth. The more you know about yourself and your peers, what they like and what they want to be and do, the better prepared you are to solve their problems and take on the responsibility to change the world: 3ft at a time. It may sound hokey but you are the change you want to see in the world. Go change it and have a blast!

See you at the top,


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