Dear Young Professional,

When you woke up and drew your first breath this morning, there was far more “right” with you, than wrong with you.  The rest of your day should go up from there.  Welcome to the real world…where details matter, where hard work is rewarded, where being on time is “the easiest thing you’ll do all day,” where “right” is the foundation of all your decision making, and where dreams really do come true.

You probably weren’t aware, but you get the unique opportunity to change the world today.  I know you weren’t planning on that when you were brushing your teeth this morning, but the “window of change” has opened before your very eyes.  To prepare for this amazing event, you have to do one simple thing; “change the way you talk to yourself.”  You see, before this conversation, you weren’t really sure that you could, or that you wanted to change the world.  You didn’t know that every interaction you have with another human being, is literally a chance to do just that.  But to change the world, you typically have to start with the most important person in it; THE MAN IN THE MIRROR.  When you change the “man in the mirror,” in affect, you’re changing everything he has influence over.

Start working on that man, by replacing two simple words, with two powerful words.  Replace, “I can’t,” with “I am.”  For a good part of your life, the biggest thing that has kept you from accomplishing yours dreams and goals, is those two small words, “I can’t.”  The problem isn’t the words, the problem is that you’ve said them so often, that now you believe them.  And you’ve come to realize that what you truly believe, in the bottom of your heart, is what starts to manifest itself in your life.

So now, “I am ……..,” is the way you start every thought; I am a success, I am a winner, I am capable, I am valuable, I am loved, I am blessed….I am laying the foundation to do everything “right” in my life…I will utilize the power of “right thinking.”  What you think about, you will speak about.  What you speak about, you will bring about.  What you repeatedly say to yourself, is what you slowly become.

Now, go take what you’ve learned about changing yourself, and teach that to the real “most important person in the world;” THE PERSON RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  Learn early in your wonderful life that, the quality of your life, will be built around the quality people you share it with.  And learn that EVERYONE has the potential to be “quality people.”

Know that when you take love and kindness, dignity and respect, caring and empathy, and spread it in generous portions on everyone you come in contact with, you really can “change them,” and thus, the world.



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