Hey World Changer,

I’m curious, how did you respond to me addressing you as a World Changer?

Did you relate to that with a proud “Of course!”? Maybe an accepting “Ok”? Or, would you relate better to being addressed as a “Future World Changer”? What defines success in terms of a World Changer and when do you become one?

In fact, what defines success in anything?

In this letter I want to share with you my perspective on three questions:

  1. What does it take to be a World Changer?
  2. What does success mean?
  3. What about all the terrible things that have or could happen to me?

Question 1.

To become a World Changer all it takes is a decision to change one or both of the following:

  1. Who YOU are
  2. The Life of others

You see, YOU are a part of the world and if you were to make a change in yourself then, as corny as it may sound, you will have changed the world. It follows that if you change the lives of other people then you will have changed the world.

Notice I did not say you would make the world a better place?

There have been many people in history that have changed the world and are recognized as “World Changers”. Nelson Mandela is one and Hitler is another. Also, President Obama and President Trump.

Their actions will be perceived by some as making a change for the better, and some will perceive them as for the worse.

So take note, every time you change or change life experiences for others, YOU change the world and some will perceive it as for the better and others may not.

What really matters is what YOU believe.

You must set the intention to be a better version of who you were yesterday. Take it from me, there will be days that you mess up!

Yet the trick is to have more better days than worse.  Truth be told, the more you genuinely believe you are making the lives of others better, the more you will automatically enrich your life AND be a World Changer that is a force for good (or God).

Promise me, and yourself, that you will commit to your personal development so you may help those you choose to serve, even more so.

Question 2 – What does success mean?

Once again it’s a decision based on your own perception.

Many measure success by their wealth, health, relationships, and may have their definitions defined by others.

Do you define success on your terms or the definition of others (society)?

Allow me to take you deeper down the rabbit hole, World Changer.

The true question is, “What needs to happen for me to feel successful?”

Ask yourself that question, seriously. What has to happen for you to feel successful?

For many, the default answer is when I achieve the goals or tasks I set for myself.

Here’s the challenge with that, especially for World Changers who set many goals and have BIG goals. They have more chance of experiencing failure than success on a daily basis.

Here’s my gift for you in the shape of another question.

Who has a greater probability of experiencing success?

Person A who defines success as “When I achieve my goals” or Person B who defines success as “When I give it a go”?

Which one has set up the game of success in their favor?

Definitely the person who defines success in a way that they have greater control will experience more success more often.

Promise me, and yourself, that you will commit to CHOOSING your definition of success as one that sets you up to experience success more often than not.


Question 3 – What about all the terrible things that have or could happen to me?

I’ve witnessed so many amazing souls who live a life of service, adding massive value to the lives of others, yet they neglect to take care of or know how to handle adversity in their own lives. They spend most of their waking days serving others so they do not have to think about, let alone address, their own challenges.

I’ve not only witnessed this in others it was true of me too. So, my final gift in this letter is also from my heart to yours.

Yes, it’s true.  Nothing gives me a greater sense of fulfillment than making a difference in the life of another individual and or groups of people.

The greatest return in business and life comes from adding value to the lives of others. 

From a very young age, I was efficient in this principle, yet I was always helping others because I needed to. It was my way of gaining a sense of self-worth.

It was not until I took care of my demons that I could move from must serve to now, serving globally because I want to (not have to).

After all my experiences of domestic violence growing up with an alcoholic father, who beat up my mother and me, sleeping on the rough streets of London as a kid, you would expect that I had a sense of low self-worth AND feeling not good enough.

So my gift is to share a truth that will not be taught at school, business school, or any university other than the University of Life.

 At school we are taught lessons and then given a test, whereas at the University of Life we are given the tests and then we learn the lessons!

The truth is that the feeling of not being good enough or worthy will cancel out any other perceived success you may have. It will cripple you especially as it is linked to the feeling of not being loved.

So what can you do about the challenges that lie ahead? And trust me they will come.

Anticipate that life will present us with tests so that we may in fact learn a lesson. The trick is to look for that lesson when adversity comes your way, whether that’s in Business Life or Private Life.

Remember, it’s not the adversity that will break you, it’s how you respond.

Here is the most powerful affirmation to use when you are facing adversity or have previously:  No matter what happens in my life, I get to choose the meaning.

Say it out loud with conviction – No Matter What Happens in My Life, I Get To Choose the Meaning! Your primary goal will be to ask what can I learn from this.

What meaning am I giving to this situation?

What can I learn from this situation?

What do I want this to mean?

Use The Power Of Focus!

Because the real Truth is that there is no Truth other than the Truth you give it.  Two people can lose their job; one person will see that as the most devastating loss and the other may see it as an opportunity to start something new.

It all comes down to what YOU choose to focus on. Remember, “Where attention goes energy flows.”

So promise me, and yourself, that you will commit to always choosing a greater meaning and response.

Hey World Changer (yes you), one final promise, please leave our beautiful world in a better place than when you found it. We are just borrowing it from our children’s children.

– Harry


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