Lessons from thought leaders: Have a Strategic Mindset

How intentional are you about your life?

I’ve met a lot of phenomenal humans in my adventures creating books.

I’ve had dinners with Richard Branson, Chi Chi Rodriguez and lots of amazing CEOs, an afternoon with Tim Tebow, baseball and steaks with Warren Buffett, swimming with Nick Vujicic and long days on yachts, jets and islands with entrepreneurs in tech, and other industries. Not trying to brag, but imagine all those great minds, and now we’re all set for the point I’m trying to make.

I learn something from everyone, but the most strategic thinker I’ve ever met is Tony Jeary, an advisor to some of the world’s top business leaders.

Tony has worked with the presidents of WalMart, Samsung, Shell, Ford, Firestone, TGI Fridays, and individuals on the Forbes Richest 400.

Tony helps people think better.

“Every problem is a thinking problem,” Tony says. “If you’re not getting the results that you want, need, or desire, or if you’re not moving fast enough, it probably has to do with your thinking. To change your results, you need to be willing to change your thinking.”

This it true both individually and organizationally.

Read what Tony wrote below, and apply this principle to your life for accelerated results!

You can get results faster by thinking more effectively; it’s that simple. There are three kinds of thinking to adopt:

1) no- excuses thinking,

2) solution-oriented thinking, and

3) long-term thinking.

My (Tony) system for developing a strategic mindset is grounded in what is called the Strategic Acceleration Formula. It is composed of three principles:

  1. Clarity: understanding your vision and knowing exactly what you want (and where you want to go)
  2. Focus: concentrating on what really matters and filtering out what doesn’t (virtually eliminating distractions)
  3. Execution: accelerating results with powerful accountability


Tammy Kling
CEO – OnFire Books

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