Dear Daughter:

Six thousand five hundred and seventy days have passed since August 21, 2000.  On that day, you arrived in this world with a powerful “Hello World, I’m Here” splash.   No hesitation, no doubts, no limits and eyes wide open.  Your energy is boundless and you came without an “off” button.  Your curiosity came fully stocked.   You learned early and quickly in every experience.  You embraced walking, you peddled your tricycle tirelessly around the kitchen island.  In your three-year-old gymnastics class, you climbed the rope and confidently rang the bell at the ceiling.  You removed training wheels and took on the bicycle, skateboard and roller blades with complete abandon.  Never a fall, always chasing faster speed, and unwilling to let anyone beat you.  This extraordinary effort continued through Pre-K Olympics, extended to school plays and gymnastics, basketball, high school Spirit Weeks and of course with great intensity on your SOCCER journey.

You absorb material from your course work and lessons/strategies from your club coaches.  You improve rapidly ask for help when you need it.  You have developed into a great artist which your heart shows as you share your work with others.  You continue to put in the work to achieve good grades and put yourself in the place that will take you on your next step in life.  You came to this world destine to make your mark and to do great things.  We have no doubt that you will continue shine and chase your passion.

Be proud of your spirit, intelligence, determination, energy, and work ethic.  You have learned to balance the responsibilities challenges of in and out of school commitments with care.  You are bound for greatness because you put in the work do the hard things to get you where you want to be.

As you enter your senior high school year, the next section of this letter is meant provide additional tools for your life’s tool kit.  Life will continue to bring you opportunities and challenges, joy and setbacks.  Add these tools and make them your own.  They will serve you well.

Always say I’m Possible versus Impossible – LIMITS ARE SELF-IMPOSED

Seek to be “known-well” instead of being “well-known”– BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS

First step of a Human Being is about Being Human – THINK OF OTHERS ACT FROM THE HEART

Two negatives equal a positive only in math – ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING POSITIVE

Give before you ask, the world will open its arms to you – YOU RECEIVE MORE BY GIVING FREELY

The best learning comes from mistakes – MISTAKES ARE PRICELESS MAKE SMART ONES

You have more than you need, you need less than you think – LIVE SIMPLY

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary – DO HARD THINGS

I LOVE and am so very PROUD of you.


Doubt melts away

Opens you to possibilities


Hard work becomes easier

Adversity is overcome

Regrets go away

Discovers your toughness


Thoughts become actions

Help finds you

Increases opportunities

Naturally strengthens

Gets us out of ruts

Sets a new course


Bruce Pulver, Author

Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter

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