Dear Mom,

I know it has been awhile since we have last spoken, and regardless of the reasons why, I want to let you know that I love you and always will.

Acceptance is a very interesting thing and I finally understand how important it is. I really struggled with it at 15, when we reunited. The crazy thing about it all is I thought it was you and your actions that I couldn’t accept, when in reality, it was me all along. Looking back, I can see that you have been the main influence in my life, why I have accomplished so many things. You placed me in many diverse situations that helped me develop skills and abilities that most people never have.

You taught me how to love in the most toxic environments and because of that I became a humanitarian. I have traveled to 17 different states and formed a youth empowerment movement, granting those in hard places in their life mentorship, love, and hope. The survival skills and abilities that I learned and witnessed from you have been shared with those in similar and worse situations. This has placed love, hope, security, and grit into 17 major cities around the nation and is practiced by thousands.

You taught me how to remain unbreakable and strong when no one else can and because of that I am globally known for my mental toughness and perseverance. It has most importantly been the foundation and pillar toward becoming a true leader and world changer. People see miracles occur and it is from never giving up and never giving in. As Eric Thomas used to say in those videos I listened to, “Never give up and never give in. Skill can only take you so far, but mental toughness will make you phenomenal.”

Last but not least, you taught me how to never lose hope. This is still one I know you struggle with and have been for over a decade. This drove me to getting us out of the darkest of situations, drove me to leading global causes, drove me to having vivid, detailed, goals and aspirations, and built-in skills ensuring I never fail. That I never give up on hope. I knew I could depend on myself to make it happen. Like you use to say to me, “You are the Make It Happen Captain.” That strange phrase always puts a smile on my face.

Thank you so much for loving me so much and seeing that I was strong enough to endure years of pain and difficult situations. The end result would create the woman I am today. You knew that I wouldn’t break or get trapped with a victim mindset but instead become unbreakable with a warrior mentality. I dreamed of being an alpha leader, building and leading a wolf pack, changing and inspiring lives indefinitely, and lastly impacting and influencing the world around me to make a legacy.

Forever your strong MiniMe.

– Riddelll Mackey

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