Words are Currency

The best example of words costing you millions occurred moments ago and I witnessed it live from the NFL Draft in Jerry Jones crib, in Arlington.

An ESPN analyst predicted that Josh Allen from Wyoming would be the #1 draft pick.

That is until the day before the draft, when tweets from high school emerged.

Words are currency.

The tweets were racist and he apologized. As a leader, would you have selected a Director of Sales or VP under the microscope for that?

Yes, he got drafted.

No, he didn’t get the top pick and the difference between number 1 and number 7 is millions of dollars.

In one post, a colleague or employee could cost a company millions. Or more. Yet when we go in to train teams, I’ve had CEOs tell me they didn’t feel they could tell their employees what to say or how to post on social media.

That’s what they believe.

Let’s hope today it all changes.

Words matter.

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