To my Future Wife,

Maybe I’ve met you, and maybe I have yet to.  One thing I can tell you for sure is you have occupied my dreams, given me hope during times of adversity, and that guardian angel who whispers “Keep your heart open.”

I’m exhausted of the games, the pointless sex, the emotionally closed off, and the toxic relationships that Put a sliver in your soul. I’m ready for you- the REAL deal. You are one of a kind…

You will take pride in sharing your heart with mine, and your heart will be in caring hands with me. Together we will grow. We, just like the other lovers out there, will have our times of ups and downs. Times when we will be challenged to rise to a greater potential, a greater purpose; together.

You have been extremely patient with your process. I feel a tremendous amount of empathy for you, and my intuition tells me that we have both endured a similar pain along the way. I know you will not let up on me. You refuse to hear any excuses. Your boldness will keep me humble yet motivated to keep pushing as we both continue to climb.

Our foundation will not be built on the pillars of vanity, but will stand tall on a pedestal of trust and integrity.

I will mess up and you will mess up- We won’t degrade our value though. Instead, we will channel that to strengthen our love. You see, a relationship that can endure the trials of life is built to celebrate the triumphs and victories.

We’ve both been overlooked more times than we want to remember. It’s not our fault, it never was. We were meant to grow through the experiences we had with our past- to prepare for our best love yet, along side one another. Many came for a season, most come for a reason, and you will be my lifetime.

Most people will make obligations when the sun is shining, but be the first to run when the storm comes pouring down. The rainy days show who’s real, who can endure… while the redundant get washed away.

I want that kind of love where we don’t seek to change each other but we care enough to add to each other without losing ourselves through doing so.

That kind of love that is honest and promotes our individuality. God knows I’ve worn enough masks to make the other one feel comfortable. My power needs to compliment your power. We will continue to work daily at our relationship- giving attention and effort to allow our love to prosper.

There is a fireball of passion in the pit of my soul. And with you by my side, there is no telling the heights we can soar to. I can’t wait for that day when our two worlds collide.

The thought of the last minute road trip driving to an unknown haven in the heat of the night…

The touch of your lips as we kiss each other goodnight…

The ecstatic look on our faces in the morning when making breakfast…

Having a sexy workout partner for life…

Starting businesses together, leading each other towards our destiny…

All of this we have to look forward too!

In the meantime, let’s enjoy our ride. We’re closer to each other than you realize. Our time is coming to set the world on fire.

-Joe Nicolosi

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