A letter to from my future self.

Life is hard, life is tough, you’re likely reading this right now and wondering where you are going to go next.  How did you even get here?  The world is a strange place that is always changing and is always unpredictable.  Even looking back on my life and your future life, nothing makes sense.  There is no predictable path and nothing that you can do to make your life easier, it will be hard no matter what you do.  So what next?

It has been by stepping into the unknown that you have become great and it will be by stepping further into the unknown that you will be able to make something of yourself. Stop fearing it.

Life is easier than you think, it’s as simple as just doing the things that are right, the only reason that it seems so hard is because of the fear that you have behind everything.  Fear of loss, fear of success, fear of taking the wrong steps, fear of missing the right opportunity.  If you remove fear, life is so easy.

You have become crippled by your fear and it destroys everything that you can potentially be.  It’s the only thing that holds you back.

Every solution you think will solve your problems is fake.  Getting married won’t make your life easier or make you happier, making a multi six figure income won’t make life easier and make your concerns of money go away.

Fear is what creates your problems, if you can remove fear in your life you can be happy with everything you have and use the tools of life to propel yourself forward.  You feel alone because you fear being alone and unwanted, you should know that by now with your experiences.  You lived part of your life depressed and suicidal, you smoked and drank, and for what reason?  Fear.

In your worst times it was always fear, nothing else.  Fear of never making anything of yourself made you cry at night, fear of being alone and unwanted drove you to continue pushing people away so that you didn’t have to combat the unknown of if you were accepted by other people or not.  When you changed your story and changed your life it wasn’t about pushing your emotions away like you thought, it wasn’t about becoming numb or deciding that you wanted to mimic what a successful person would be like.  No, it was that you got to a point where nothing made you afraid, you were free.

When you fear nothing, you can do anything. You removed fear from your life once and you changed your life around completely, you created a new world for yourself.  At times you have been getting afraid, fearing the unknown again because you’ve become comfortable, you just want things to be easy and continue to become increasingly better as they have been, but the opposite will happen.

If you continue to fear the unknown, you’ll be dragged back down to nothing. Fear will destroy.

You see people in your life now and you’ll continue to see them everyday, these people look normal, they look successful, they look happy, but it is all a front.  They fear more than you do and fear is the greatest deterrent of success.  Fear cripples and destroys, it brings down entire armies and civilizations and it certainly won’t stop at you.

So, there’s only one real question.  How do you eliminate fear?

You can’t.

The thing with fear is that it will always be there, every time you step into the unknown, you will be completely surrounded by more unknown. There may be traps and predators in this unknown, there may be love and riches as well.  It’s a gamble.

What is the purpose of this letter then?

I hope it frees you from the crippling fear that I have lived through, I hope it prepares you to be scared to wake up in the morning and still do it anyway.

Life is hard, life is tough, but only if you let it.

– Ian Streutker

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