Success Profile: This could be you!

In a mastermind on the beach recently, I talked with a CEO about his life, against the backdrop of a magnificent sunset.

Sunsets and CEOs can make you contemplative.

Both are often colorful, have depth beyond the norm, and cause me to think. What will I do with the rest of my life? Who will I meet that will change it? How can I add to the lives of others?

One that’s changed my life, is Lamar Smith who was the CEO of First Command Corp for several decades. That in itself is remarkable. First Command is a public company, and most CEOs don’t stay that long. But Lamar isn’t like most, at anything.

For one, he’s reinvented himself many times.

He was a fighter pilot, in his twenties.

Then, he got into finance.

Next, he became a father.

Always, an athlete and a leader and now, an author too.

When we sold his manuscript to McGraw Hill, he was as giddy as a child. Imagine that, a CEO – the top job in any company – excited about being an author!

That’s because authors have always been revered, respected, and celebrated. They provide society with wisdom and unique ideas that we otherwise may not be privy too. I haven’t been a fighter pilot, but by reading his book, I can learn from one.

I learned the concept of Target Fixation from Lamar. It’s a fighter pilot term, that when applied to life and business, can change your life! When fighter pilots focus too much on one thing, it can alter their perception, often driving the airplane into the ground. Target fixation can be deadly. You don’t know when you’re doing it.

Lucky for me Lamar decided to tap into his courage to write and publish his book, or I may never have met him.

His book is published in Chinese too, which if you google Chinese literature laws, is pretty miraculous. He’s been over to the University of Beijing teaching MBA students about the concepts in his book. I’d say that’s a great start, to leaving a fine legacy behind.

What will you do with your sunset?

Words are Currency.

You don’t have to wait until later in life, to share your story. All you have to do is be ready to change a life.

Thank you Lamar!

Tammy Kling

CEO of OnFire Books

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