The Conversation for Teens

Real Conversations. Real Life Teams.

For Teens.

For seven years The Conversation has facilitated Conversation Circles inside schools, orphanages, and companies to talk about meaningful topics face-to-face. No technology to distract. These no tech conversations for teens focus on one goal:


What do you do when you have a problem that you think you can’t manage? After 15 years of creating books for CEOs, Tammy Kling discovered that even the top leaders struggle with finding people to talk to about important life-changing topics.

The Conversation for Teens is a tool to fight depression, suicide, and violence. The Conversation for Teens works. After seven years of working inside schools and orphanages, we’ve seen incredible results.

The Conversation is a face-to-face circle focused on one specific Topic

Ready for a real conversation?

We partner with schools and companies to create life-changing conversations. The Conversation helps individuals, adults and families think about self-talk, and the words we think and say to define ourselves.

During this Conversation, teens can learn about life skills that they’ve never considered before. Through the process of rewriting their story, they can learn how to re-write the story of their lives and the hand that they’ve been dealt and become the hero in their journey instead of the victim.

The Conversation Event is for Worldchangers and it ignites transformation. Click here to register yourself, your employee, or someone you mentor.

The Conversation Event for adults and The Conversation for Teens are two different events. If you’d like to bring Your 16 + teen to The Conversation Event in Dallas at the Star, click the link above to register yourself and email to register your young leader. A $250 youth registration additional fee will apply.

One conversation can change your life forever.

Let The Conversation Begin.

Forever Connections

Teens participate in a once-in-a-lifetime mastermind session to forge bonds that will never be broken with people who will change your life, as you change theirs.

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Need to create a Life Team in your classroom or family?

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Note: Due to the nature of this event there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your attendance to someone else or you can donate it to our Homeless or underprivileged youth program. Your donation will allow one of our Homeless or underprivileged youth to attend in your place. A portion of each ticket provides books to the homeless, at-risk youth, and orphanages around the world. To learn more about The Mobile Book Library, click here.