Dear College Student,

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I have ever made was looking for a job.  I pray the wisdom to follow prevents you from doing the same.

The moment I decided to walk away from all the things in my life that required me to be small is the moment I truly began to love and find myself.

Think about that! What’s in your life that requires you to be a small version of yourself?  What beliefs, relationships, activities, or thoughts require you to be less than instead of greater than? Or worse, require you to question the trueness of your visions and dreams?


Some people live lives of bondage by choice because it allows for less responsibility and the idea of guaranteed comforts.

What is government?  

Government is the entity that regulates social norms.

What are norms?

Norms and normality are defined as culture.

Therefore, the manner in which we govern ourselves regulates our personal norms.  We create our own normality based on our own self-concepts.  We decide what is normal for ourselves based on what we perceive our limitations and strengths are.

As a freshman in college, I chose a degree plan based on what I perceived as the responsibilities of life.  Instead of searching for what visions inspired me, I both consciously and subconsciously asked and answered questions like:

  • What would make me the most money?
  • What would keep me safe?
  • What can I do to get what I want in life?

These are the wrong questions. For their answers bare no fruit and build bridges to nothingness and impotence.

It is impossible to be truly successful without being fulfilled.  Therefore, a successful life is a life of fulfillment. We never become fulfilled by doing. We only are fulfilled during the act of becoming.  Becoming the next version of ourselves.  Being the next fruit produced from the tree of our efforts.

As you work to receive your degree or run your company, chase your visions not your ambitions.  Your visions are purpose in pictures.  Your visions and dreams are the gift of seeing your perfect future by the designer of the future himself.  You will always be able to differentiate your visions and dreams from your ambitions.  Your visions and dreams serve humanity while your ambitions serve you.   Both have their place.


– Germaine Gaspard


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