Hello Younger Self:

Life has taught me the importance of having a good set of tools upon which to draw in times of challenge and struggle.  Here is an offering of three tools I carry in my Tool Kit of Life which have been of great value in my life’s journey.  I hope you master each as you make your way in life.  These tools found their way to my Tool Kit as a result of my own experiences.  My desire is that handing them to you will offer guidance with the inevitable choices you will be forced to make during your unique journey in life.

Tool 1: YES I CAN. The only way to fail for certain is to never try and the worst pain of all is not the pain of failure but the pain of regret.   When you embark a new adventure such as a career, a new assignment, learning a new skill, etc. start everything by saying “YES I CAN”. This tool is like a compass.  It points your attitude in the right direction from the beginning.  A “YES I CAN” attitude sets your intention even if you have no knowledge of how you will achieve success.  YES I CAN means








Tool 2: FEAR.  Having a fearful instinct will serve you well.  It provides a balance point gives equal weight to evaluating any situation and using your sense of reason (which itself becomes a strong tool over time) to use in your decision making.  FEAR comes with two optional attachments. The first is useless and reads:






Instead choose





This FEAR is a priceless source of rechargeable positive expectancy.

Tool 3 : HUSTLE.  In whatever you do act with a unstoppable sense of purpose and tenacity.  Begin, drive and finish with these characteristics, belief that the work matters and the impact is important.  I call this tool HUSTLE because it is made up of








An endless number of tools can be found in the Successful Life Tool Kit.  These are just three which have served me through my life.  When you find a new tool that serves you well, keep it and be committed to sharing it with others who are coming up behind you.

Yours with Gratitude

Bruce Pulver


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