What is Your Origin Story?

Every superhero has an origin story. Which superhero is your favorite? Is it Superman, Captain America, Spider-Man, or The Hulk?

This image of one of our book clients, a well known speaker, reminds me so much of the heroes journey and how at the end of the day, no matter how successful you are, it sometimes feel like you’re alone.

Even in a crowd of millions, the speaker is alone.

He’s alone with his story, as he considers what to share. Tony Jeary started his business mowing lawns, going door to door, and began having authentic conversations with his clients, in order to network, and grow.

He eventually discovered his gift as a speaker and coach. Today he’s got a multi million dollar coaching business and he’s a strategist to many of the world’s top CEOs. To some, he’s a superhero when he helps them turn around their businesses or build stronger families. But his journey wasn’t always easy.

Today he’s a sought after speaker and we have worked with him on many best-selling books, including Business Ground Rules.

When Tony steps on stage, he brings his origin story with him. He brings the struggle, he brings his wife, Tammy, (not me, but we share the same name) Brings his two girls, he brings the sleepless nights, he brings the struggle of every CEO and their story, and he brings the memory of that first day he pushed a lawnmower across the yard in hopes of rebounding financially.

Even though he’s alone as he walks onto that stage he brings all of those stories with him in his heart. He wants to change lives. And this is why he continues to do it.

Here’s Tony walking off the stage, in Mexico.

I write this letter to you to show you that if a guy who had to make the choice to mow a yard in order to start earning money – could become a multi million dollar speaker, so can you. You may not want to be a speaker but you may want to step into a new calling. I don’t admire Tony because he’s a speaker. I admire him for his heart to always authentically change lives.

Despite all the accolades and cheers and requests to sign books, the speaker is alone. It’s not unlike the role of a CEO running a company.

He’s alone because the audience has an expectation.

They expect to be inspired, and to learn. They paid money to see this individual speak and make no mistake, every speaker in this position has the ability to be a real-life superhero.

Words are Currency™

Words can ignite the person in the audience to break out of an abusive relationship, to start a business, or where to change their mindset. One speaker could be the voice that pulls your son or daughter or friend out of depression. One speaker, could inspire a young entrepreneur to build and sell their business.

The speaker is a fantastic representation of a superhero. What could be more important, then changing and even saving lives?

I often have to correct someone I coach and tell the CEO or entrepreneur that is becoming a speaker is not on an ego trip – but it is actually a very noble profession. What could be more noble than changing lives?

In many cases a speaker will save someone’s life. Words are Currency™.

In our society if you are a professor, or an intelligent teacher, even if it’s a small classroom of the same 50 kids, you are a hero. But if you aspire to become a speaker who stands on stage and delivers that same message to thousands, you have a big ego. This is a backwards way of thinking. It’s a mindset that prevents many from reaching millions.

Now more than ever with TED and videos and online and social media, you can be that superhero that spreads your message to millions. The world is your classroom.

What’s your origin story?

I hope to convince you not to be shy with it. Whether you aspire to speak to millions or just to write a book and let your words speak for themselves, our team will guide you through it.

But in that One moment of silence when the speaker walks on stage, he or she is the superhero. They have command of the room. They are there to take action and make things happen.

Will the superhero let them down?

Or will they deliver the answers?

During a book interview call, my client Germaine told me, “Every superhero has an origin story.” He is writing a book about becoming a warrior.

I began thinking about what he said. I researched superheroes and I added a section to his book about Batman and the events that led Bruce Wayne to put on the cape and save lives.

Batman was a child walking on the street at night with his family, when they were robbed. The thief out of cruelty shot his mom and dad, killing them. Leaving him alone to create the rest of his story without them.

That event thrust Bruce Wayne into a life of seeking justice against criminals.

What is your origin story?

We can help you share it.

Tammy Kling
CEO OnFire Books

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