The World Changers Network

The World Changers Network is a Global Community of individuals who come together for a great cause.

Mission: to not only change but save lives.

Who are we?


World Changers

Partner Organizations

Lives Changed and counting

Creating Global Impact

We are just regular kids, who grew up to be adults who hate human suffering – and realized that they could do something about it.
For a decade, we’ve taken immediate action.

– We are the ones who take action, to rescue, talk, and save lives.

– We educate parents and teens about teen suicide and help individuals and families create Life Teams.

– We’re the ones who get involved when the neighbors or naysayers look away.

If this sounds like you, we want you to be a part of our tribe.

You’re a world changer.

A few great organizations we partner with:

– Roma Boots!
– Night of Superstars
– Ron Hall: Same Kind of Different as Me Foundation
– Soul Homeless Ministry
– It’s Your Time to Shine
– Christ’s Haven children’s home
– Along Comes Hope
– Deliver Fund human trafficking rescue
– Candlewishes
– Our Calling Homeless rescue

And many more.

Join us! Your life and family will be better.

– We’re the ones who talk to the homeless on the street.

– We are the ones who host The Conversation for the homeless, the Conversation for Teens, and host conversation circles inside orphanages, and youth prisons.

But we also offer amazing programs that your kids can be a part of too. Community service letters? We got you. Authentic life experiences? For sure.

We are the ones who know what it means, to be the change.

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Forever Connections

Participate in giving back as you forge bonds that will never be broken with people who will change your life, as you change theirs.

Ready to give back? Want to join The World Changers Network? Text: 254-265-9279 or fill out the form below.

Need to create a Life Team in your classroom or family?

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Note: Due to the nature of this event there are no refunds. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your attendance to someone else or you can donate it to our Homeless or underprivileged youth program. Your donation will allow one of our Homeless or underprivileged youth to attend in your place. A portion of each ticket provides books to the homeless, at-risk youth, and orphanages around the world. To learn more about The Mobile Book Library, click here.