Dear Miss Worthy,

You must know this, believe this, and live this truth every day.

Set aside what you have been through, who has hurt you, left you, lied to you, betrayed you.

Don’t forget it because it has brought you to where you are, but this is not where you are staying. Set it aside, it does not define you. You are worthy. Worthy to be loved so unconditionally and completely. You are worthy to be admired and celebrated because there is no one on this planet like you. No one. Yes, you may have a doppelgänger, we possibly all do.  A person that looks identical to you, related or not, but your DNA and fingerprints are yours alone. You are unique. Completely unique. God made you that way.

You are worthy to be treated with respect and love and grace. He must respect you with his actions and how he treats you. His love should be boundless and endless, pure and strong, make you feel safe, and like you are the only one because you are. His grace should be sweet and pure and constant.

You are worthy to be treated like a treasure. And when he comes to realized this, he will know your worth cannot be contained in a bank. He will cherish you and protect you. He will know he is the richest man in town.

You are worthy to be given time daily, conversations in person or on the phone, texts, time together, whatever that looks like for you but time — time invested because you matter. Time can be fleeting and being intentional to spend it together is vital. To build this relationship together on earth and for all eternity.

You are worthy to have him pick you up, plan the day or evening, open your door, pull out your chair, help you with your purse or coat if there is a chill in the night. You are worthy for him to treat you like nothing else matters in his presence but you.

You are worthy to have him lead you in prayer. A man of God, that seeks God and His direction and wisdom should be leading you closer to Him as well. This foundation is vital. Prayer is one of the most intimate things two people can do. You are sharing the words from your soul versus the words in your head to your Creator, to build your bond. Solid.

You are worthy to be told you are beautiful and special, that he loves you and feels fortunate to have found you. His words matter and he must know this. His words build and he must know this. His words create something that will be lasting between you both. He must know this.

This is not the end of your love story.

To get to this worthy place I share, with worthy comes the wait. The hard part. The part where you won’t settle anymore. For the guy that will say he will call and doesn’t. For the guy that doesn’t show up if you are meeting somewhere. For the guy that is just a jerk. That is hard with words and how he treats you. Life is just too short for this anymore. Pray for the jerk, this may be all he knows.

But the irony is that it is worth waiting for.

For that man to come along and do all the things you ever dreamt. In how he treats you, the things he tells you. If he likes to write those amazing letters, he will write you with words that seem only from movies.

For a love to finally come along and a gentleman with his chivalry “that’s not dead” to treat you like a lady with an utmost respect and a treasure he knows he has finally found.

For a man that is a “man of his word”. That he will do all the things he tells you and follows through without ever leading you to the left when you are going to the right. So you are walking side by side, in the same direction of life, in this new journey of worthy.

For a man that finds your grace for him and gives of his own to you because knowing we are worthy is not about being perfect. None of us are. Knowing we are worthy is knowing we matter and that there is someone out there that knows it too. Finds you and never lets go.

It may feel like everyone around you has someone. Like everyone is planning a wedding and you are last one on the planet alone. This could not be further from the truth. Because it is constant on your mind then that is all you notice. It’s time to shake it off and stop believing that lie.

Because there are country songs about love and broken hearts still written, then this is still going on, people are still searching for their love. You are not alone.

So back to the ones that have left, broken the promises, lied and hurt you. This is the brutal truth, brutal but true. He was not meant to be. If he was he would still be around loving you and lifting you up with all those words and his time. Telling you that you are beautiful and the only one. The one, but now he is gone.

I have been on this road too many times. A love lost, a love passed away. Then one broken heart after another thinking I found a love again. A suitcase of broken promises. Telling me they wanted to give me the world when all I wanted was him and that wasn’t enough.

So I know this WORTHY thing too well. I sure wish I didn’t because it is still a daily struggle. I carry dog tags on my purse from my best friend with one word: WORTHY.

All I can do now is remind myself, in my faith, my worth is in Christ and what He did for me. How He loves me so unconditionally. Honestly, I can tell you this has been my driving force to get to 50 still single. I wait for WORTHY.

Not just for me to know that I am worthy but for him to know he is worthy too. Life is full of pain, love shouldn’t be. Life makes us strong for the wait.

So do not give up. Trust that he will cross your path when you are least looking, least thinking about it. I promise you at the perfect time he will appear, and the dreams will begin and never end.  He will remain and he will find you worthy most of all. Get ready, stay ready.

You are WORTHY,

Luisa Ward

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