Dear You,

What is the intention to our meeting in this letter? There is a question you want to answer, within yourself, and my hope is that you find it! You are a unique human being. You might think I don’t know you – and maybe I don’t. Without doubt or pause, I can still express that you are truly unique. How? You are here! If you walk this Earth, breathe our shared air, you have a purpose and gift! Don’t ever doubt that!

Discovering what yours might be could be the very question you are struggling to answer. Rather than being frustrated with the answer not coming to you quickly, have you considered that everything you are living and experiencing are preparing you for it?

Life has become so instant gratification – don’t fall prey to it. Appreciate the lessons that have gotten you to where you are, right now. Education, relationships, and loss all bring learning. As you leave our time together behind, let my experience and philosophies serve you in a way that brings value.

Find the positive intention in what otherwise only serves as a disappointment or hurt. This isn’t always easy to do, and frankly, it can be really hard to do. PUSH THROUGH IT. The experience of life is the only way to gain wisdom. Some of your greatest learnings will come from your greatest pain.

The greatest growth comes when you are the most uncomfortable. Just as you have to push yourself physically to prepare for a marathon, you have to do the same mentally and emotionally in life. Living within what is easy and safe will leave you stagnant and unfulfilled. As a mentor, this is where I have been able to have the greatest impact with so many. I see what you are capable of – and I am not okay with your leaving it untapped. As long as you know your mentor has your best interest at heart – trust them and their experience. You may not understand why they are being so demanding. You may even begin to think they don’t like you, or they’re mean. There will come a time you look back on that time, and appreciate their challenging you – I promise.

Be solutions-focused. There will be conflicts, challenges, and potential defeat in life. Before you can find the positive intention, you must first derive solutions to move through it. If you find yourself stuck, always have at least one suggestion to bring with you – and then collaborate with those that will elevate your skill. Moving through tough times builds character and skill, but the solution is at least a light at the end of the tunnel. It will help create momentum to reach it.

Choose your mood. From the moment you wake up, until the time you go to bed, you have total choice in this. I have a frame that reminds me, ‘Happiness requires daily practice.’ People and life will upset or aggravate you. It is inevitable. When this arises, remember my words: You don’t control whether you become mad or angry, but you have complete control over how long you are mad or angry.’ Loathing in it only perpetuates a negative mindset. Appreciate how you feel – determine what the positive intention could be that came from it – and then reset your mood. Your journey should be to joy, and all that comes with it.

Believe in yourself. As I wrote before, you are unique! You are unique mentally, physically, and emotionally. The World will show you images and ideas of what you will unconsciously begin to believe you should look, act, and feel like. Don’t fall for it! In your desire to become a better human being, don’t believe there is a carbon copy of what that means. Self-shaming and hate will never bring you closer to your purpose and gifts. Love yourself – and be unique.

Help/serve others. We are not created to be selfish, self-absorbed beings. Where do you feel drawn to do this? If you aren’t sure, make it important to figure it out. A heart in service is a grateful one. If you tell yourself you don’t have time for this, you haven’t found the right way to serve yet. You will make the time for what matters to you. The gratitude you feel, though wonderful, is a far cry from the significance of the blessing you are giving to another. If you think you are too busy in your life and career, who do you look up to? The greatest entrepreneurs of our time are incredibly rooted in service to others. It isn’t how they made their fortune, and they don’t do it for notoriety.

We have talked about a lot in this time together, and yet I feel we could chat about more. Many of these philosophies took decades to be clear, to me. My hope for you is that you will discover your great gifts, live your purpose, and as you gain wisdom from your life, help another along the way.

Should a question about our chat arise, I will be here for you. Reach out – and I will support you and your journey. In the meantime, BeYOUtiful!

Until then,
Tanya Waymire




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