Well, you did it.

You made it to the last day of High School Mathematics Class. I know you are busy right now; but at this pivotal moment, I want you to give careful thought to your next step.  I am going to give you the advice I have given all my other sons because when you become a student of mine, you join my family.

You are in a unique position. Your skills, your gifts, your talents, your hard work, and the dedication of dozens of people who believe in you have brought you to this point.  You did not get here alone. What you do next is an opportunity few get.  With the next step, you must choose intentionally.

You will impact generations. Your family. Friends. Colleagues. Peers.  People will look up to you because of your positioning right now.

What will they see? What will they be told by your actions? Will they be inspired to aspire to more?  Will they see thoughtfulness, intelligence, generosity, hard work, and perseverance work together to create a legacy?

It has been a pleasure to have you in my class. You may not know it, but I, like many people around you, have watched you to determine the depth and essence of your character. You are a young man with a great destiny. Leave here and step into it. Please, be aware of the responsibility you have.

Much is expected of those who have been given much.  Find your cause and create the beginning of your legacy.

Be both cautious and adventurous.

Be bold not rude.

Be free not reckless.

Be confident not condescending.

Be kind not gullible.

Be wise not arrogant.

Most of all-

Be honest.

Be authentic.

Be grateful.

Be humble.

Be true to yourself.

And be safe.

In the next few busy weeks, ask yourself, “What do I want my Legacy to be?” Begin to build it now.

You have the power to –

Transform lives.

Transform communities.

Transform the world.

Have an impact for great. Do not settle for good.

Remember the little, easy things that build a legacy are often hard to do and easy to not do.

Do them.

Build that Legacy.

And know I will be praying for you. You know where to find me if you ever need anything.

  • Caron Rivera


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